Respective: Thursday November 21st

Lots of pens a “shitty” ink and get ready for Blackfriday sales!

  • Hello Sailors! ✑ In case people missed it, I wanted to plug this blog again. A good friend who has an even larger collection of Sailor inks than me has started a blog that will be highlighting sailor exclusive inks (and eventually some pens). The blog covers some misconceptions and some commentary related to Sailor collecting (though don’t expect any buying guides). Highly recommend this blog if you are interested in Sailor inks!

  • The legends from the deep sea – Nettuno 1911 Tritone ✑ Mateusz reviews the Nettuno 1911 Tritone fountain pen. The stainless steel’s design nib reminds me a lot of OMAS’s.

  • Review: Pelikan Souveran M800 Stone Garden Special Edition Fountain Pen ✑ I love the brown/blue colour of the barrel in this I just wish the cap was the same material!

  • Review Of The Hinze Pen Company Empyrean Fountain Pen ✑ this reminds me a lot of the Kanilea Pen Co. pens but a lot more affordable (and still the same JoWo nibs) but while the blue nib looks great there’s clearly some chipping, unfortunately.

  • review: straits pen shitty sepia ✑ Junee reviews this hilariously named ink. Not my favourite colour but definitely worth it for the name at least.


  • Pen Classics ✒︎ Pen Classics is going to be a Sailor and a Pelikan distributor so keep an eye out here! The Sailor stuff looks pretty interesting to me!

  • Desk Bandit ✒︎ Desk Bandit are doing deals every day (keep and eye out on their Instagram and Facebook) and also money-saving (and useful) bundles. Worth checking every day!

  • La Couronne do Comte (10% off with MACCHIATOMAN10) ✒︎ Pickup the new James Deans ink and they also have some decent prices on Sailor Specialty nibs!

    Pen Chalet (10% off with MACCHIATOMAN) ✒︎ The metallic Pilot Vanishing Point is 30% off, the Lam Lx is also 30% off, and the Pelikan M600 Turquoise White Fountain Pens is also 25% off! Plus all the “Nice” Platinum Century #3776 range of pens are also 25% off!

  • Pen Savings (12% off with MACCHIATOMAN) ✒︎ great international shipping prices and my go-to place for most American brands of inks including Noodler's and Organics Studio.