Retrospective: Monday November 1

Fountain Pen Day! Tomorrow, November 2nd, is Fountain Pen Day 2018. Lots of fun and lots of sales so keep an eye out! Check out the Fountain Pen Day website and especially the sponsors page which has a list of deals down the bottom of the page.


  • Pen Classics ✒︎Pen Classics have a great range of interesting and covetable pens and inks. Always a good port of call! Use code FPD18 for 15% off for Fountain Pen Day.

  • Desk Bandit ✒︎ Desk Bandit recently got the Nagasawa Exclusive Pro Gear Rokko Shichidank in stock for a very good price. Lots of unique items for sale well worth checking out. Get 15% off inks for Fountain Pen Day with FPD15OFF

  • La Couronne do Comte (10% off with MACCHIATOMAN10) ✒︎ LCdC are having a great sale with 50% off the Lamy Vibrant Pink Al-star and get a 20% off  for Fountain Pen Day with FPD2018

  • Pen Chalet (10% off with MACCHIATOMAN) ✒︎ Pen Chalet are having a giveaway for Fountain Pen Day so be sure to enter.

  • Pen Savings (12% off with MACCHIATOMAN) ✒︎ great international shipping prices and my go-to place for most American brands of inks including Noodler's and Organics Studio.