• Banner in sidebar no larger than 300 x 300 (image supplied by the sponsor) (listed in random order each month)

  • Optional discount code to readers of macchiatoman.com

  • Featured in periodic retrospective post. This post features links to articles published in the community and below that a section dedicated to sponsors. This section features a custom comment either by me (possibly featuring mentions new released and sales that I see) or can be provided by the sponsor). This post goes out to RSS, Twitter and email subscribers.

  • Links where appropriate on articles I write (though this won’t be exclusive)

  • Limit of 8 sponsors as of now

Sponsored post:

  • If I write an article (if relevant to the sponsor) I will feature the sponsor at the top and at the bottom of the post. This post goes out to RSS, Twitter, Instagram and email subscribers

Supplied review item:

  • I am happy to receive items for review purposes. Please contact me first if you would like my guarantee for a review.

Alternative methods of sponsorship:

  • I am open to alternatives; please get in contact with me with your idea.

Do note that I will always give my honest opinion on products, will always try to show all characteristics of products, and I will always try to be as objective as possible with products I review or comment on.

Please get in contact for any questions, alternative ideas, and for pricing. Please note that there is an introductory price active until the end of February 2019.

For a physical contact address:

Yagan Kiely

PO Box 1422

Fremantle 6959

Western Australia


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